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McCain Enterprise Landscaping Services  has developed a proven program that combines proper watering techniques, cultural practices and fertilizers every four to six weeks in order to provide you with the best quality of turf grass with the fewest problems during a season.  Our lawn care programs apply a regiment of applications during the year to help maximize your lawns fullest potential.  Each service works in conjunction with previous treatments and lawn maintenance in order to achieve the best results.

McCain Enterprise Landscaping Services Program: 

Lawn Maintenance

McCain Enterprise Landscaping Services  Lawn technicians will provide timely mowing services utilizing bagging and mulching mowers, depending on the time of the year.  Recommended maintenance services for Tiff Bermuda lawns are seven days. While St. Augustine & Zoysia grasses would require ten day or bi-weekly service.

  • Mowing (Bagging/Mulching)
  • Edging
  • Perimeter trimming.
  • Blowing & clean-up

My personal property maintained by McCain Enterprise Landscaping Services mowing program.

Flowerbed weed control Services

BEFORE: This service is designed to help maintain your landscape investment by minimizing the abundance of weeds and unwanted plant growth.  Chemical control and weed extraction will be performed on an as needed basis.  Mulches and soils of different varieties are used to create a multitude of color and appeal.

 After Photo of completed Terra Cotta retaining wall, with plants and mulch.

Core Aeration: Front Yards starting at $65.00!

When the soil gets compacted from heavy traffic, mowing and animal wear and tear-- oxygen can't reach the microbes that break down organic matter to enrich the soil.  To keep the lawn healthy, it's recommended to aerate in the spring or fall.  This process will allow proper water and nutrients down to the root zone, whereby stimulating lateral growth and turf density.

Sod Installation/ Over-Seeding

BEFORE         McCain Enterprise Landscaping Services lawn improvement services offers over-seeding for Tiff Bermuda lawns that have been previously damaged from insects or diseases.  This process will help improve the overall turf density and color of your lawn.  Sodding is another option, but a little more expensive than seeding, which will get instant results.  With sodding, you go from an anemic, patchy lawn to a rich green lawn in a day, whereas it may take years for a seeded lawn to grow completely.

After Photo of recently composted from yard. This service also included a chop block retaining wall, complete with double shred cedar mulch.

Recently composted side yard in preparation for zoysia grass installation.

Newly sodded side yard with zoysia grass.


BEFORE PHOTO No amount of water and sunlight will make your lawn luscious and green if you have poor soil, so this is a good place to start.  A grass plants backbone is in its root system.  The roots soak up water, collect nutrients and improves turf density.  Therefore, the soil needs to be loose enough that the grass roots can spread easily, absorbent enough that it will collect water and rich enough that it can provide the plant with nutrients.  Roots also need a certain amount of circulating air, which means the soil can't be compacted.  Composting provides all the above.  Unlike some companies, we will evenly distribute our products throughout your lawn using a grading process for more adequate coverage.


Recently composted corner lot property.

Retaining Walls: Samples

Completed - Terra Cotta retaining wall.

Recently constructed limestone chop block retaining wall with brick cap topper. Complete with plants and mulch.

AFTER  Photo of newly constructed flowerbed retaining wall using cut block.

AFTER  Photo of completed bed.

Limestone retaing wall. (FRONT VIEW.)

Limestone retaining wall. (TOP VIEW.)

Limestone retaining wall with mathching brick cap. (FRONT VIEW.)

 Custom Flagstone Storage Unit / Custom Flagstone Patio Paver Walkway.

A custom made flagstone storage unit. Complete with limestone cut block and retaining  wall.

A custom made flagstone patio walkway complete with lattice fence.

Custom paver patio positioned at the bottom of customer's backyard, complete with fire pit and additional space for seating and cooking.

Custom limestone cut block retaining wall located under deck, complete with landscape plants, mulch and soaker hose sprinkler system.

Custom limestone cut block retaining wall located along the back fence line, complete with landscape trees, shrubs, plants and exterior lighting.

Paver Walkways

BEFORE      We offer custom hardscape services tailored to fit any budget.  This can include a cobblestone walkway, flagstone patio, gravel pathway, or decorative concrete. Give us a call to schedule a free consultation with one of  our landscape specialists to discuss your thoughts and ideas.


AFTER  Completed flagstone walkway starting from the street leading to the backyard.

BEFORE This customer wanted a flagstone walkway along her drive way. In preparation for the work the existing sod was removed, leveled, and treated for weeds prior to construction.

AFTER   Completed flagstone walkway with decayed granite and river rock border.

AFTER   Completed flagstone walkway leading into the back yard. Notice the framework in front of the A/C unit. The platform also serves as a separate storage area for the customer's trash cans.


When your fence is getting beat up by the Texas heat, you want to protect your investment by maintaining its color and structure. Give us a call and we will gladly come out and provide you with a written estimate on the cost of materials and estimated time of completion. Power washing and a variety of stains are then applied to maintain its color and original luster.  Fence construction and repair services are also provided, so give us a call for your free estimate.

BEFORE-    New fence construction. (Image 1) 

(Image 2)

(Image 3)

(Image 4)


In order to provide you with the best quality of turf grass with the fewest problems during a season.  Our lawn treatment program applies a regiment of organic fertilizers every six weeks to help maximize your lawns fullest potential.  Each treatment works in conjunction with previous applications and best results are achieved when a maintenance plan is precisely followed.

Spring Application:  Spring is here and the weather is warming up.  At this time we apply a root stimulant organic fertilizer to help "green-up" the lawn.  Compost soils are usually applied at this time along with a core aeration for best results.

Late Spring Application:  As the lawn breaks out of dormancy, weeds are still fighting for space in your yard.  This application fortifies the turf while effectively controlling weeds. Our maintenance mowing program will start bagging your clippings in a combined effort to control your weeds from spreading.

Early Summer Application:  By now your lawn is getting thicker and greener as planned.  This treatment replenishes much needed nutrients and continues the weed control process.  Your lawn is then evaluated for turf damaging insects and disease at this time as well.

Summer Application:  By summer, your lawn has matured into a thick, healthy and relatively weed free lawn.  This treatment provides needed nutrients necessary to maintain your investment and help retain moisture during the hot dry months ahead.

Fall Application:  As summer ends, fall conditions bring back rain and cooler temperatures.  Lawn fungus and disease problems become active.  This treatment addresses these concerns as well as replenishes nutrients lost during the hot summer.

Winter Application: Your lawn is getting ready for dormancy.  At this time a winterizer is applied to help reduce germinating weed seeds.  This application is crucial because it helps to start you off right for the upcoming year with weed control.