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Examples of recent customers within the San Antonio area.

Before photo of an existing flowerbed. (Front View)   This customer contacted us to help remove the weeds, trim the small shrubs, remove the large over grown plants and create a new bed.      

After photo of completed flowerbed. (Front View) Once the flowerbed was cleaned of debris, flagstone and decayed granite was added for aesthetic value and curb appeal.

After photo of completed flowerbed with hardscape design. (Left View)

Before photo of an existing flowerbed. (Left View)  This bed was completely over run with weeds, grass and dead plants. Notice the exposed wire on the bottom left.

Before photo of an existing flowerbed. (Center View)

After photo of completed flowerbed. (Left View)    This bed included a flagstone pathway down the middle, native plants, decayed granite filler and a river rock border cascading into the lawn.          

After photo's of completed flowerbed.(Center View)   This included a custom wall using a variety of multi-colored flagstone, decayed granite and soil filler for plants.

Before photo of an existing flowerbed prior to construction. (Right View)

After photo of completed flowerbed with hardscape design.( Right View)

Before photo of existing flowerbed prior to hardscape design. (Left View)

Before photo of a new customer prior to service. ( Notice the abundance of weeds in the yard, shrubs over grown and over-all poor condition of the flowerbeds.)

After photo of a new customers yard complete with weed control, hedge trimming and fresh mulch for the flowerbeds.

A typical lawn care customer who subscribes to our mowing service and lawn fertilzer program during the growing season.

After photo of a Tiff Bermuda lawn that was aerated, composted and over-seeded in the spring.